Services Offered

ADS Gold, Inc., will perform the following services in a timely and personalized manner.

ADS Gold Quality Control
  • Reclaim and refine precious metals from gold plated items that require the stripping of gold from plated parts.
  • Reclaim and refine precious metals from liquid wastes products such as spent plating baths, rinse waters, and gold strip solutions.
  • Reclaim and refine precious metals from electronic scrap like populated PCB’s, IC’s, chip capacitors, resistors, etc.
  • Reclaim and refine precious metals from burnable items like barrel plating media, goldbug cathodes, ion exchange resins, filters, wipes and parts with encapsulated precious metals.
  • Recycling of Gold, Silver and Platinum Group Metals.
  • Provide our customers with the required containers to collect recyclable items.
  • Pick-up and delivery service provided in the Southwest Region at no charge to customers.
  • ADS Gold, Inc., can provide transportation of precious metal waste products. Hazardous Waste Manifest and required Labels and Land Disposal Restriction Documentation provided at no charge.
  • Certificate of destruction issued upon request.
  • ITAR Registered.
  • Recycling of solder dross.